Experiences created by extraordinary people

Imaginative, innovative and creative​

Banana Split has been revolutionising the world of events since 1976. We continue that rich legacy through borderless creativity, originality and professionalism. Our experts in production, entertainment, event design and management work fluidly across the globe.

Meet the Team

Julian Posner


Our founder Julian maintains his position at the heart of our organisation. And with over 40 years’ experience, brand heritage and a history of ground-breaking events, It is Julian’s undiluted passion to continue to break the mould, that set Banana Split apart. Renowned for his charismatic personality, passionate outlook, mind blowing creativity and incredible attention to detail, Julian is a true visionary and is highly regarded by both his peers and his raft of joyous clients.

Greg Barker


Unwavering, precise and truly gifted at all things practical, Greg heads up our onsite crew. It is thanks to his 25 years of experience that Banana Split’s most ambitious events have become reality.

It is both his role and his passion to set the scene and build the stage on which your event will play out. In every aspect of his job, he leads with charm and ease.

He is often the first and last member of our team at an event. There is nothing he hasn’t seen, moved or fixed or a client he hasn’t made laugh.

Chantal Conway


With a background in management consulting, Chantal has joined the team to ensure perfect delivery on our most demanding projects ensuring that all team members and equipment are in the correct place at the correct time whilst streamling our operations to ensure all our wheels are spinning perfectly in sync.

Olivia Curwen


Olivia joined Banana Split with a wealth of expertise. Her background encompasses both events and catering, with more than five years’ experience in the industry.

She’s a trained producer and meticulous in her attention to detail. With Olivia as your consultant, you can rest assured that every element of your event is in safe hands and nothing will be left to chance. She particularly enjoys seeing concepts come together from the initial brief to execution.

Above all, Olivia brings an enthusiastic attitude and thirst for knowledge. Her passion for perfection shines through in everything she does.

Luke Ford


Luke gets things done. He is an ever-optimistic & hard-working member of the Banana Split family. Using his experience from different fields in the event industry, you can be sure that everything will be accounted for when it comes to your special occasion. Thinking outside the box is his forte, and he thrives in the unexpected challenges every day can offer.

Lucia Garibay


With a unique flair and finesse, Lucia has a great presence and ability to remain in complete control of whatever she takes on. From growing up in Mexico, to completing her education in Switzerland, Lucia has continued to live at an international level, planning incredible Banana Split events right across the globe.

David Godfrey


David oversees the production of all Banana Split events. His technical mind and logistical wizardry set him apart from the rest. With a 20-year career at Banana Split, David truly understands what it takes to bring our incredible events to life and his unrivalled expertise across all things sound and lighting mean a magnificent sensory experience and wonderful atmosphere are at the centre of all of our events

Katie Jade


Katie’s unmatched eye for detail and unique creative flair have been behind our most memorable events for the past twelve years.

An experienced event coordinator, she’s adept in helping clients understand and envisage every moment of their day. Her talent, fine-tuned over her time with Banana Split, goes beyond event management and planning to capturing the spark that makes each event truly one of a kind.

Travel is her personal passion. She’s always discovering incredible new destinations and venues that go on to become unforgettable backdrops for our clients’ celebrations.

Cristiane Jones


Cristiane is an integral part of the Banana Split family, ensuring bills are paid, invoices are sent and everything finance related ticks along like clockwork. By her own admission, it’s not the most glamorous role in the business but what it lacks in magic, it more than makes up for in importance. Without strict financial control the Banana Split team could not create the wonderful and unique events we are famous for.

Charlotte Kent


Charlotte brings a diligent and inventive energy to Banana Split. She is a tireless perfectionist on site and puts every effort into ensuring our clients have the best events possible. Having previously gained 6 years experience working at a globally leading catering company, Charlotte’s career maturity and dynamism mean she is well-versed in all types of events.

Nicole Lemon


Working as a Banana Split planner for the last 8 years, Nicole has developed a wonderful work ethic and relishes in running her events like clockwork. Nicole’s passion and enthusiasm are what client’s love most about her and she always exceeds expectations.

Scott Malone


Another long-term member of the Banana Split family, in his 15th year at the company, Scott remains at the helm of all things Lighting. Designing, planning, programming and setting up our unique array of lighting equipment, his stupendous knowledge and experience mean illumination is always on point.

Katherine Pole


Kate has ten years’ experience in administration. She loves the fast-paced, exciting nature of events and provides indispensable day-to-day support to Anthony and David.

She fondly remembers one of her early mentors summing up event management as one of the few industries where you get to see a job through from start to finish. Her favourite part of the role is taking a holistic approach to the planning process. She’s as adept in ensuring seamless production as overseeing entertainment.

Outside work, her love of events just as evident. She’s the volunteer events manager at her local radio station and volunteers at charity fundraising events and film festivals.

Anthony Posner


Anthony followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the company, meaning we are truly a family business. It’s his charm and flair coupled with his passion for finding exciting talent to match every event that makes him so good at what he does. Anthony focuses on attaining the talent our clients want to see and he is the best there is at this, but his talents don’t stop there. He is also an accomplished event manager.

Toby Sanders


A master of colour and design, Toby is never short on inspiration. Bringing years of luxury and interiors experience to Banana Split, he specialises in developing inventive and eye-catching schemes, each conjuring a unique mood and story to life.

His career has spanned both the UK and a decade in Italy, seeing his creative touch transform everything from retail window displays and pop-ups to homewares ranges.

When he’s not at work, you’ll find him immersed in exhibitions at museums and galleries or exploring historic villas with his family.

Jamie Simon


Jamie is the driving force behind our fantastic team and behind many of Banana Split’s most ground-breaking events. He always strives for the exceptional, making the impossible possible thanks to his creative yet technical thinking.

He has more than 25 years of events experience and a true thirst to work on the most exciting and original ideas.

Jamie radiates enthusiasm and positive energy. He thrives on the fast-paced atmosphere of the events industry and always looks to push boundaries.

Mark Thompson


Mark has been involved in live sound reinforcement for over 35 years across a range of industries from theatre to television, live concerts and special events. During that time he has had the pleasure of working with many of the worlds leading musicians and entertainers. A particular highlight was mix engineering Brian May and Roger Taylor for a live prime time TV promo.

Mark draws on his extensive experience to approach each new project with creative enthusiasm. His favourite aspect being that every job brings its own unique challenges, and you’re never quite sure what next week will bring.

Meena Varsani


Meena is our longest serving employee, joining the company back in 1997. Her dedication and commitment are remarkable. Her role is to support Julian and she does this with rigour and enthusiasm, prolifically juggling multiple requirements with absolute discretion. Another string to our bow is Meenas historical knowledge of everything we’ve done before, as her experience simply enhances all that we do.

John Yates


Responsible for overseeing both the smooth running of the Banana Split warehouse and behind the scenes at our events, John is an integral part of Banana Split. With incredible multi-tasking skills and a background in operations, John ensures everyone and everything back of house is meticulously organised and running like clockwork.