Nicole Ash


Having worked in events and event catering for some years now, Nicole knows there is simply no such thing as an 'average day' and her working week could see her spend a morning at her desk, an afternoon at a food tasting and an evening on a plane for an international site visit. While happy to plan events for all of Banana Split's clients, Nicole does have a particular love of parties for younger guests, never happier than when she has to sprinkle a little bit of Disney magic on proceedings. Once the working day is done it's off to the gym for Nicole – that or a good box-set binge.

““We turned a hotel ballroom into an underwater wonderland, filling it with all-things Little Mermaid. It was wonderful!"”

Zara Askari


Having completed a Diploma in event management Zara quickly outgrew her role as assistant at Banana Split, before long becoming a very skilled coordinator of all things event related; notably, organising the arrival of over 700 hundred guests from the Indian Sub-Continent. Largely focused on international events, Zara organises every detail ensuring our teams have all they need to bring our clients' dreams to life upon touchdown. Zara's spare time is spent listening to an eclectic array of music and day dreaming about European festivals.

Greg Barker


Having worked with Banana Split for over 18 years there's not much in the world of events that can phase Greg; his expert knowledge is brilliantly matched by his enthusiasm and passion for creating incredible events. Whether it's a party on an island or a wedding atop a Tuscan hill, Greg will be there with his unwavering will to astound Banana Split clients. When time permits Greg pursues his two great loves; photography and family.

“My favourite Banana event was a wedding in Italy for 200 guests, built on a hill-top football pitch! ”

Deanna Giang


Having moved from Sydney and joined the team in 2016 Deanna is now feeling at home, both in London and in the Banana Split offices. Her working week is spent collaborating closely with Jamie and the team; speaking to clients and suppliers, finessing events, and making sure every on-the-day detail is taken care of. A globe trotter by nature, she fancies that her future in the event industry will one day take her back to sunnier climes – she looks forward to her first Banana Split event in LA. Outside of work things don't slow down for Deanna, as she tries to make the most of her move to Europe, seeing every country, city and town within the continent's bounds – the air-miles are racking up.

““We built a unique marquee on an ice-rink in Courchevel and filled it with over fifty acts and entertainers, there were figure skaters and singers, and even sumo wrestlers. The whole event was truly out of this world.””

David Godfrey


A man of many talents, David oversees the production of all Banana Split events. His 20-plus years in the events industry -over 15 of those spent with Banana Split- mean that he has extensive technical knowledge, both in the planning and the on-site execution phases of our events. David's free time is ideally spent in climes warmer than Britain, indulging his troublesome sweet tooth.

“My favourite banana Event was a 4 day birthday party in Mexico, 250 guests (and 750 staff!) ”

Gavin Halliday


Gavin has become an integral part of the Banana Split family, ensuring bills are paid, invoices are sent and everything finance related ticks along like clockwork. By his own admission, it's not the most glamorous role in the business but what it lacks in magic, it more than makes up for in importance. A recent arrival in London, Gavin has already established that there are far too many great restaurants in the city to judge them on culinary attainment alone, instead opting to rate them on their views – those in the Gherkin and the Shard are high in his estimations.

Cleo Harris-Seaton


Always full of ideas, Cleo has a background in set design and a passion for turning her creative ideas into a reality. Being a night owl she is often hit with inspiration during the early hours and sleeps with a sketch book at arm’s reach. Her days at Banana Split are spent working with the entire team on all projects bringing the ideas of our clients and events team together into cohesive and exciting designs. Her work spans from creating concept artwork and spatial designs to personalised logs for Bananas projects, assisting with the delivery of visually outstanding events. Outside of work Cleo enjoys losing herself in a piece of theatre, a good film or an exhibition and in her calmer moments, she indulges her passion for music whilst sitting in a café (preferably in some exotic part of the world) and reading.

Katie Jade


Katie has proven to be an indispensable part of the team and has now moved on to bigger things, becoming one of our Event Assistants. With an average day ranging from guest-list management and preparing for presentations, to venue research and 'mood-board' creation, Katie's days, like everyone else's in the office, are well and truly varied. Away from the coal-face, Katie is somewhat of a sushi junkie, and also has a penchant for all things gallery, museum and exhibition-related.

“My favourite Banana event was a 4 day Wedding in London, with a 24 hour Banana Split concierge for 700 guests! ”

Dave Johnson


Dave has been involved with Banana Split for a good number of years, first working with us on a freelance basis, he is now with us full time. He spends his days helping us to prepare for events, ensuring we have all that we require in order to turn dreams into reality.

“My favourite Banana Split event was a night club themed Barmitzvah where the walls and carpet were all boarded and grafitied at the Dorchester! ”

Priya Lalvani


Naturally organised, with a perfect pedigree of industry experience and creativity, Priya spends her days at Banana Split supporting Jamie and the team with their meticulous event planning; sourcing perfect suppliers, uncovering amazing venues, presenting to our clients and diligently orchestrating on-the-day events. After a day of pin-point planning, Priya loves nothing more than to indulge her love of sushi in any of London's many brilliant Japanese restaurants. If she wasn't an Event Consultant at Banana Split, Priya would almost certainly turn her attention to her far safer back-up career – aerial acrobatics.

““My favourite Banana Split event has to be the 50th Birthday Party in Courchevel, it was out of this world!””

Scott Malone


Scott joined Banana Split 11 years ago, after a short spell on work experience with us. Scott is part of what makes Banana Split so different to the average event company; designing, planning, programming and setting up his unique array of lighting equipment for each of our incredible events – nothing so important would be outsourced by Banana Split. Scott, like so many hard working types considers sleep an indulgence and always has his next holiday booked in.

“My favourite Banana event was a 50th birthday in the Maldives, for an intimate 50 guests! ”

Julian Posner


Creating Banana Split 40 years ago, Julian embodies the innovative beating heart of the now renowned company. He is still every bit as involved in the running of the company today as he was in those early days; pouring his creativity and attention to detail into every event we produce; 4 decades have done nothing to dull Julian's thirst for free-thinking and passionate outlook. When his nose isn't to the grindstone -which really isn't very often at all- he is always on the move; climbing the Everest Base Camp isn't something many of us do in our 'downtime'.

“My favourite Banana event was a magical celebration in Venice for 100 guests where the venue was a palace and the mode of transport was gondolas – my wedding!”

Anthony Posner


Banana Split has always felt like a family affair but with Anthony on-board that feeling is now real. Anthony brings with him a wealth of experience and flair; he prides himself on his ability to seek out the perfect act for any event. He spends his days matching incredible Banana Split events with major international recording artists, DJs, cabaret acts, magicians, dancers and bands, ensuring every event is as special and unique as possible. When time allows Anthony indulges his twin-passions for travel and fine food - never happier than when he finds good food and even better views.

“My favourite Banana event was a Pool Party in Mexico where Bruno Mars performed while guests enjoyed the show from the swimming pool! ”

Ian Rothwell


Ian takes care of the often complex logistics of Banana Split events, ensuring the right equipment supplies head for the right destination. He is also responsible for the upkeep of our extensive wine cellar. Time off, for Ian, is best spent cooking great food -ideally comprising a good amount of cheese- and keeping fit. Few can claim to have lost an incredible 6 stone, a feat he numbers one of his highest.

“My favourite Banana event was a 50th Birthday in Cyprus, where all the guests were dressed in togas! ”

Nayna Shah


Nayna has been with us for much of this century and is as passionate about the business today as she ever was. Working alongside Gavin she keeps track of the company accounts. When she isn't cooking the books Nayna loves to cook vegetarian Indian food for her family and friends. In fact she is a fan of all things Indian and has a particular passion for Bollywood and its vivacious stars.

Jamie Simon


Enthusiasm abounds within Jamie, a man with over 15 years of event experience and a passion to match any. He thrives on the fast-paced atmosphere of the events industry. His never-say-die attitude is the driving force behind so many of Banana Splits ground-breaking events; he is endlessly proud of what the company achieves.

“My favourite Banana event was the launch of the W-Hotel in Singapore for 2000 guests, with entertainment from NY, LA and Japan! ”

Katie Sims


An effortless multi-tasker Katie rose through Banana Split to become Head of Events, before taking time out to become a mother. Her childhood dream was to be a Disney Princess, realising this would be a tricky thing to accomplish she resettled her sights on party planning; another way to bring a little sparkle into people's lives.

“My favourite Banana event was a charity event at the Catherine palace in Russia, where 500 guests and all front of house staff were individually tailored in 19th century costumes, a real life fairytale! ”

Adriana Smentek


Polish / Italian by descent and now living in London, Adriana brings her flair to the Banana Split team. She spends her days scouring the globe for unique and undiscovered potential event venues. Currently, she favours the atmospheric castles of Switzerland and Central Europe above all else. When the time comes for a break Adriana loves nothing more than to wonder the Greek islands, marvelling at the ancient ruins and culture. In her eyes there's nothing better than good home cooking, but when she does head to a restaurant invariably she chooses Arabic cuisine - and maybe just a small glass of champagne.

Meena Varsani


The fountain of all Banana Split-related knowledge Meena has been with us since 1997. She plans Julian's working life, ensuring he knows where he needs to be, what he needs to know and when he needs to be there. As if this wasn't enough Meena also acts as office manager and plans the odd party too – as and when time allows. In short she is the linchpin that holds the team together and keeps everything flowing smoothly. When she isn't at HQ Meena's life re-centres around her children, family and friends, sometimes she even turns her emails off – not often though.

Amy Velleman


Coming to Banana Split in 2011 Amy's career path took a turn for the exciting as she was able to leave the world of dull corporate events, within which she had operated for the previous six years. She loves the exhilaration of Banana Split events and their theatrics. Time off for Amy is best spent sea-side, laying on a beach cocktail in-hand, ideally well within the Tropics.

“My favourite Banana event was 10th Anniversary celebration at the Palace of Versailles, for 200 people, all dining on one long table! ”

Jennifer Wadsworth


At Banana Split Jennifer indulges her long –held passion for wedding planning. Her years spent in the industry mean she knows as well as anyone that, when all is said and done, these once-in-a-lifetime events are about one person and one person only – the bride! She spends her days dreaming-up and planning-out truly unique events to dazzle even the most discerning of clients. Away from Banana Split you're likely to find Jennifer sailing across Greek waters, sun beating down, Hendrick's in-hand, with Dylan on the stereo – sounds good to us too!

“My favourite Banana event would have to be the chilled, bohemian wedding in Barcelona –with an abundance of sangria, tapas, live music and colours, it was a rustic dream!”